Membership Payment Status

The roads connecting to Cedar Ave and Landing Dr. between Hwy 210 and Drift Wood Dr. are designated by Pender County as “private” and any/all maintenance is the responsibility of the property owners whose property connects to the roads.  In the absence of any HOA or other association responsible to maintain the roads the Cedar Landing 2/Creek Estates Road Maintenance Organization (CL/CE RMO) was formed in 2015 with the sole purpose of maintaining the roads.  To accomplish the maintenance each property owner is requested to pay a fee for road maintenance.  There are no paid employees involved in the officers or committee members, all are volunteers.

Below is a list of all property owners, based on the Pender Co Property Tax records, or their designee with their RMO fee payment status.  This list is updated regularly as payment are received as reflected in the Payment Status effective date shown at the top of the table below.

Note that no property owner information beyond what is posted below will be made public or visible for any use other than CL CE RMO activities.