Minutes 9-25-2015





MEMBERS PRESENT:  Bobby and Anita Phillips, Jeff and Sue Conerly, Carl and Barbara Mounts, Kirk Binning, Allen Padgett, Archie McLeod, Ronnie and Linda Thomas, Kenny and Pat Thrower, Donald and Cheryl Smith, Cecil and Faye Cameron


Jeff reported that he had been touch with Lauren King from Tarheel Paving and Grading. This is the company that was selected last week to scrape the roads for $1000. Mr. King will be scraping the roads towards the last of next week since it has rained. The roads need to be somewhat damp but not wet to be scraped.

Bobby and Anita gave the treasurer’s report:  $1800 has been collected and deposited in the bank. 34 homeowners have paid.

Jeff passed out and explained the drafts of the road maintenance organization agreement, signature sheet, and bylaws. He asked the committee to read the documents and give feedback. The committee gave comments and suggestions. Jeff will revise as needed. The members thanked him for all the work involved in getting these documents composed. He stated that we would send out the agreement to get input from the property owners, then would send final documents for signatures. A property owners meeting will be scheduled in late October or early November, also to get signatures and to elect officers for the organization.

Jeff shared that he has spoken to former congressman Mike McIntyre who is now a partner at a legal firm in Raleigh. Jeff was referred to him by Surf City Mayor Zander Guy. Mr. McIntyre offered some suggestions one of which was that our committee work on getting the long-term road maintenance organization agreement with the goal of eventually getting the roads turned over to the DOT.

The next meeting will be on Friday, October 9 at 6:00 p.m. at Ronnie and Linda Thomas’s garage at 413 Creek Drive.

Respectfully submitted by Anita Phillips