Board & Road Committee Meeting—9-23-2016

Board & Road Committee Meeting



The Board of Directors and the Road Committee members of the CLll-CE Road Maintenance Organization met on 9-23-2016 at the home of Carl and Barbara Mounts. Present were President Carl Mounts, Secretary Pat Thrower and interim Treasurer Kenny Thrower. Absent was Vice President Linda Thomas. Road committee members present were Chairman Donald Smith, Steve Hanchey and Allen Padgett. Others present were website administrator Jeff Conerly, Sue Conerly , Cheryl Smith and Barbara Mounts.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss road maintenance and update the by-laws.

Work Priority

Carl l said that asphalt will be put in potholes on the paved road. Some areas will need to be scraped first. He said more pipes need to be added at washed areas to drain more water to help keep erosion at bay. Jeff suggested that the road committee meet and discuss the work that needs to be done, prioritize and set work according to availability of equipment and money on hand.

Culvert Safety

There was discussion regarding the culvert on the main road. Jeff said he would contact an Engineer to evaluate for safety.


Donald  wanted to know in the case of broken driveway culverts or no culverts on the property owner’s property, who is responsible to place or repair. It was agreed in that case, the property owner is responsible. They can fix or add the driveway culvert themselves but needs to be done to the committee’s specifications to protect the roads. Another option is for the road committee to fix them. The road committee will provide labor and materials and be reimbursed by the property owner.

Public Information

Letters from a couple of property owners were read. Jeff  agreed to be our Public Information Officer and will write letters to address concerns when needed. He will also add a feedback section to the website that will allow for requests and comments from property owners.

Road Committee Membership

Discussion was held on how to get more members involved on the road committee. Jeff said to get him the names of anyone interested and he will update the database of road committee members and get the names to Donald. Donald said he would like to make road committee members ambassadors of their street.

Meeting Notice

Cheryl Smith made a suggestion to put up signs in the neighborhood a week before scheduled road work so those who don’t have internet to access the website could participate. Everyone agreed.

Accountant Responsibilities

Jeff said that the accounting system is now on QuickBooks. He would like a clearer definition of the treasurer/accounting duties in an addendum to the bylaws. After some discussion, it was decided to leave bylaws as written.

Sale of Property

Pat Thrower made a motion that an amendment be added to the bylaws to state that when property is sold, the financial institution will require payment retroactive from date the organization was formed. Barbara seconded the motion and all were in favor.

Quickbooks adopted

Barbara Mounts made a motion that QuickBooks be the accounting system of the organization and be added to the bylaws. Cheryl seconded and all were in favor. Barbara Mounts also asked that the names of the audit committee be put on the website. The audit members are Cheryl Smith, Gail Creech and Sue Conerly. An audit is done once a year. Any paid up member can request an audit at any time.

Member Recognition Signs

Barbara made a motion that paying property owners be provided with signs indicating they are members of the RMO. Sue seconded and all were in favor. Sue will look into getting signs that read “proud member of RMO”.

Next Meeting

The general bi-annual meeting of the organization will be held October 8, 2016. The place and time is to be determined according to availability of a meeting room and will be posted on the website. We want as many as possible to attend.

Jeff made a motion to adjourn it was seconded by Allen. All were in favor.

Please let me know if any corrections need to be made.

Respectfully Submitted,

Pat Thrower