Meeting 10-9-2015




Ronnie and Linda Thomas welcomed the committee to their home, and the group enjoyed hot dogs and all the fixings as well as the fellowship. The committee thanked them for providing us a place to meet.

Bobby Phillips reported on the road work that was done yesterday and today. Mr. Lauren King did a good job of scraping the roads and will be willing to help us in the future. He charged $1100 for scraping all the dirt roads in Creek Estates and Cedar Landing 2. He recommended that property owners needed to watch for puddles that form on the road so that the water can be redirected into the ditches by digging a shallow trench.

Bobby also reported on a phone meeting with Cheryle Brown Williams, an accountant in Burgaw. She recommended that we probably needed to hire a lawyer to form the organization. She does not help with this kind of business. She is willing to file the organization’s income taxes even though it is a non-profit. A suggestion was made that we try to obtain the proper forms from the Secretary of State’s office and proceed with forming the formal non-profit road maintenance organization. The committee decided to take this action. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Mount volunteered to get the forms and get the process started.

The committee nominated officers for the organization:

President – Carl Mount

Vice President – Linda Thomas

Secretary – Anita Phillips

Treasurer – Bobby Phillips

A letter will be composed with the plan for forming the organization and the nominated officers. Jeff and Sue Conerly and Carl and Barbara Mounts will work on this letter. This will be sent out as soon as possible with the request that property owners vote on the officers or provide write-in alternates. The votes will need to be submitted by October 30.

The next monthly bill needs to be sent out around the 15th of October. Bobby and Anita will be preparing these. Jeff is printing the updated mailing labels for the bills. Jeff said that the latest tally of homeowners was 73 lots in Creek Estates and 157 in Cedar Landing 2.

The next meeting notification will be by e-mail and will be posted on the webpage.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Anita Phillips