CL-CE Road Maintenance Organization Background

Road maintenance was discontinued in June 30, 2015 with no advance notification of any problem or issues.  No contractual arrangement  was made for ongoing repair or maintenance.  The developer who had maintained the roads for 20+ years turned over the maintenance to a local individual without any written contract.  After approximately a year, health issues forced the individual to turn the maintenance over to a local construction company who, after ~ 6 months notified all property owners in June of 2015 that they were no longer responsible for road maintenance.   Roads were progressively getting worse and would ultimately have a negative effect on normal access & Sale of Property along with discontinuation of mail delivery, package delivery, EMS, Fire, School Bus,, etc.

There was no RMA or HOA in place.  Options for DOT to take the roads have been unsuccessful in the past and at best will take several years to resolve, establishment of an HOA or equivalent will be problematic at best.  Of the ~200 owners many live out of the area and only use the property once or twice a year.  Obtaining communication and commitment for payment of  fees for road maintenance will likely take months and may not be successful regardless.  Of the current set of owners about 40% have consistently declined to pay for any kind of road maintenance.  The remaining 60% that do make payments were not involved or aware of the problem until notified that road maintenance was discontinued.

After an ad’hok meeting of some local property owners a committee was established for the purpose of moving forward toward an official organization. The name of this group will be “CL2/CE Road Maintenance Organization”.  This community organization responsibility will include budgeting & collecting funds to ensure the roads are maintained to an acceptable level. They will also head up efforts on the long term goal to have DOT take responsibility for all or part of the roads.
Major phases are:
Phase 1 — Stabilize road deterioration >> Completed
Phase 2 — Define long term organization (CL2-CE Road Maintenance Organization) structure. Completed when document defining structure and membership is complete >> Completed
Phase 3 — Present CL2-CE RMO to Property Owners. Completed when officers elected >> Completed
Committee Members:
Bobby Phillips Chairman
Anita Phillips Secretary
Carl Mount
Linda Thomas
Allen Faircloth
Jeff & Sue Conerly

In November 2015 the Articles of Incorporation were approved by NC and in January 2016 the By-Laws were adopted and officers elected at the first annual meeting.  The  goals of the initial committee were achieved thanks to the dedicated hard work of each member.