2016 Annual Meeting Minutes

A meeting of the CLII-CE Road Maintenance Organization met on January 9, 2016 at the Surf City Fire Department in Surf City.

Attending were Allen Faircloth, Herman Faircloth, Jeff and Sue Conerly, Ronnie and Linda Thomas, Bobby and Anita Phillips, Carl and Barbara Mounts, Joe and Lois Lawhorn, Joyce Wall, Jim and Kim Balowski, Donnie Autry, Carol Skilton, Jack Hamel, Clayenn Binning, Kenneth Canon, Kenny and Pat Thrower, Donald and Cheryl Smith and Joanne Hare.

The meeting was called to order by President Carl Mounts.

The current officers were introduced and new attendees were recognized.

Secretary Pat Thrower read the minutes from the November 6. 2015 meeting. There were no corrections.

Treasurer Bobby Phillips handed out the financial statements and the deposits and expenses were reviewed. There were no corrections.  The balance on hand to date is $7,207.23.


Jim Balowski from Jordan Lane said that he has been and will continue  maintaining the road on Jordan Lane. Anita Phillips said that only 2 property owners from Jordan Lane were paying. With Jim’s request a motion was made by Barbara Mounts to exclude Jordan Lane from the organization. The motion was seconded by Kenny Thrower, voted on and passed. Any monies paid in advance will be refunded.

Carl said that several more loads of gravel will be spread. The gravel can be obtained from Holly Ridge which will save hauling cost.

Jeff Conerly, who manages the organization’s website encouraged everyone to check it out and tell their neighbors and friends to also check it out. Jeff requested that everyone go to the site and fill out the member’s form and include their email address. This is the quickest way to stay updated. He will be updating the site going forward to include future plans. Any recommendations or ideas on road maintenance or curbing traffic can be submitted via the website.

After some discussion several changes, the By Laws were voted on and accepted.

Current acting officers were elected after 41 ballots were returned in favor of those officers.


Allen Faircloth asked why the No Trespassing Signs were removed. Jeff explained while talking to several officials about getting help for the roads, the best thing was to remove the signs to enhance our chances of getting help. Once a private road has been opened to the public for 5 years, it cannot be closed off.  Joe Lawhorn suggested we look into a “car counter” to use this summer and present results to DOT/city.

Anita said she has received 2 letters from a property owner upset over being billed for maintenance.It was agreed to keep sending bills.

Please let me know if there are any corrections.

Respectfully Submitted,

Pat thrower