December 2023

BOARD of directors

CL2 – CE RMO, Inc.

Meeting Report – December 5, 2023

The Cedar Landing 2 – Creek Estates Road Maintenance Organization (RMO) Board of Directors convened at 507 Bishop Drive on Tuesday, December 5, 2023 at 6:00 pm.

Cynthia Kunz, President, convened the meeting and the report of the November meeting was accepted.

  1. Road Maintenance

Members asked Rob Schneider to undertake routine road maintenance and any of the funded special projects he is able to do.  The RMO will continue to search for a partner to serve as backup in case large or specialized equipment is needed or that Rob is not available.


Members discussed preventative patching on Cedar Avenue asphalt and reviewed the status of issues to be addressed as soon as possible:

  • Block of Landing Drive approaching Driftwood – done – Rob Schneider tried to narrow the road but rock was too hard; added seed and straw
  • Ashley Lane at Phillips Court – needs rock – done
  • Park and Bishop Drives – raise roads and restore drainage
  • Rustic Court – rock
  • New speed bump – 502-503 Creek

Members reviewed issues to be addressed in 2024:

  • Cedar Avenue – continue speed bumps replacement
  • Bishop Court – roadbed stabilization
  • Donna’s Drive – rock to relieve ponding and stabilize roadbed
  • Cedar Avenue and Pine Ridge Drive – tile replacement
  • Creek Court potholes
  • Extension of rock – Landing Drive toward Cedar Avenue


  1. Financial Operations

The current bank balance is ~$28,000.


  • Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting will again be held via email/mail and will consist of a written Annual Report, the ballot for Board of Directors election, and the 2024 private road assessment for 2024 which will remain at $175.00.


The Nominating Committee reported that all current board members have agreed to remain on the ballot for 2024.


  1. Other Issues
  • Boat launch site – Any issues with access or parking, contact Cecil Cameron (919-356-2269 or 919-770-1219)
  • Wood walkway at boat launch site – no update
  • Landscaping around Creek Estates sign – Lisa Fussell will coordinate volunteers (John and Dana Brooks, Scott Campbell, and Jared and Amanda Grantham)
  • Website transition – Looking for a path forward
  • Consider adding wheels to the marquis sign to ease movement
  • Scott Campbell will discuss the possibility of an easement for the Creek Estates sign


  1. Adjournment and Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 9, 2024 at 507 Bishop Drive at 6:00 pm.


Motion Made and Seconded:  To adjourn.  [Motion Passed].


  1. Attendees
Attending Name Title/Role Telephone Email
Board of Directors
Yes Cynthia Kunz President and Secretary 703-405-4423
Yes Ann Donnelly Treasurer 252.702.2100
Yes John Brooks Member 910-785-1274


Yes Scott Campbell Member


Yes Cheri Parnell Member 252.203.1310


Yes Rob Schneider Member


Committee Chairs
Yes Jeff Conerly Communications 910.328.3695


Yes Sue Conerly Audit 910.328.3695


No Greg Fogle Community Activities 704.756.0338
No Steve Hanchey Contractor Liaison 910.289.5246