2/5/2016 Highlights

===== 2/5/2016 Highlights =====

An audit of the 2015 financial records was completed 2/4/2016 in accordance with the By-Laws Article 9 Section 2.  All the records were in order and no issues were identified.

A number of 20 MPH speed limit signs have been purchased and will be installed on the main roads.  Contact has been made with Pender Sheriff Dept about enforcement of the posted speed limits.  The posted limits are consistent with other such roads and communities and can be enforced by the Sheriff’s Department.

Work continues and the improvement is clearly visible on all roads,  the major roads especially.  This last storm that blew through created some ruts to be repaired but nothing like the conditions before the gravel and crowning work was done.  Much progress with much remaining to be done.  Limited revenue from the RMO fee is the determining factor in making more progress.