Minutes 9-19-15

CL2-CE Road Maintenance Organization

Organizational Committee Meeting Minutes



Members Present:  Bobby and Anita Phillips, Ronnie and Linda Thomas, Carl Mounts, Kenneth and Pat Thrower, Kirk Binning, Joanne Hare, Floyd West, Carol Skilton, Linda Hare Jay, Donald and Cheryl Smith, Clarence Sox, Jeff and Sue Conerly

Bobby Phillips welcomed everyone and thanked Ronnie and Linda for hosting the meeting. He explained that there are three phases to get through to complete this organizational committee’s work:  stabilize the road conditions, work on long-term organization, and obtain approval by property owners

Jeff gave an update of the website. The site has had 148 different visitors and a total of 902 visitors. He encouraged everyone to visit the site and submit any updated information or comments.

Jeff and Sue have received 3 quotes from contractors to scrape the roads:  Lauren King $1000, Ryan Bisping $1100, and Mike Rutherford $1800. This will be a one time scraping of the roads. The committee voted to contact Lauren King. Mr. Robert Batson is working on an estimate for the long term work to bring the roads up  to standards for consideration by the DOT.  Carl Mounts had a contact that might be interested in fixing the roads:  Clay Hauling 910-443-4146.

We now have a post office box to receive road service fees:  P.O. Box 2773, Surf City, NC 28445.

We also have opened a bank account with Coastal Bank of Holly Ridge. The Laniers have assisted in getting the bills out for the first request of $25 for road service. Jeff and Sue have worked hard to get the list updated and took the bills to the post office this morning. Bobby volunteered to be treasurer of the organization. Anita, Jeff and Sue will be co-signers at the bank.

The next task to accomplish is to write a document with a mission statement and objectives and bylaws for the CL2-CE Road Maintenance Organization. Jeff has begun the writing. He will also design an agreement form for each property owner to sign. This form will need to be notarized. The plan is to have the forms available when we have our property owners meeting with someone who can notarize the signatures.

We need to set a time and date for the property owners meeting. Jeff and Sue have obtained permission for us to use the fire station on Hwy 210 near the Deer Run neighborhood. We will need to have chairs brought for the meeting.

We collected $1025 in road fees so far from the committee members. Most chose to write a check for $75 for three months service (some gave more) to help us get enough to pay for the first scraping of the roads.

The next meeting of the committee will be Friday night, September 25, 2015 at 6:00pm again in Ronnie and Linda Thomas’ garage which is located at 413 Creek Drive.