Qtr 1 Report

Board of directors

Cedar Landing2 – Creek Estates

Road Maintenance Organization, Inc.

Post Office box 2773     Surf City, North Carolina  28445     cl2cermo@gmail.com


Quarter 1 Membership Report – 2022

Beginning this year, our April and October membership meetings will be held as ‘Community Grills.’  These have been successful in the past and have allowed neighbors to get to know one another in addition to being updated as members of the Road Maintenance Organization (RMO).


  1. Road Maintenance Work

Until hurricane season is behind us in November, we grade gravel roads quarterly, fill potholes, and do only urgent repair work on our roads.  Then, if we have been lucky and sustained no storm damage, we have some money to undertake maintenance work like stabilizing roadbeds, applying crushed concrete, clearing clogged drainage ditches, and replacing broken drainage pipes.


In the first quarter 2022, our contractor, Bisping Land Improvements, graded gravel roads, filled the pothole at 104 Cedar Avenue, and re-placed the first speed bump on Cedar Avenue with one built to North Carolina Department of Transportation standards.


If you have road maintenance items you would like to see on the RMO’s list of priorities, please contact any board member or write to us at the address above.


  1. Finances
·         Road Fees Collected

·         Donations


$  1,650.00

Total Income $20,360.00
·         Road Maintenance and Repair

o   Bisping Land Improvements (quarterly grading, asphalt patching, and speed bump re-placement and construction – includes labor, equipment, delivery, fuel, materials)


$  2,601.00


·         Insurance (liability and directors and officers) $     568.00
·         Post Office Box, and Postage (mailing road fee bills and summary reports); Office Supplies; and Telephone (board conference call meetings during pandemic) $     453.00
·         Banking, Accounting and Tax Filing $     275.00
·         Electric (lights at Cedar and #210 and at Landing and Driftwood Drives) $       42.30
Total Expenses $  3,939.30

*Not yet audited




III.       Speed Bumps

We believe that speed bumps are necessary to slow traffic and increase safety in the neighborhood, especially during the visitor season.  As an unincorporated area of Pender County, we are required to get the county Fire Marshal’s approval of all speed bumps.  We sought Fire Marshal Mark Haraway’s approval and in March were turned down:


“After reviewing your presentation and proposal concerning the use of traffic calming devices, specifically, speed bumps on the roads in your neighborhood, my office cannot support this project… they are… an impedance to fire and emergency services vehicles…”


The board is considering its options and next steps.


  1. Re-Opening of Doe Ridge Drive at Cedar Avenue

Ever since the Deer Run Home Owners Association (HOA) closed the intersection of Cedar Avenue and Doe Ridge Drive, we have worked to secure its re-opening so that fire and emergency response vehicles could use this direct route from the fire station on NC #210 to reach our neighborhood.  Last year, many of you signed petitions which were presented to the HOA along with our request to re-open the intersection.  Their board rejected our request, and we sought endorsement of Surf City Fire Chief Wilson and Pender Fire Marshal Haraway, who has notified them that the gate is not compliant with the North Carolina State Fire Code, which requires a siren-activated opening:


“… if this gate is not removed/placed in a permanent open status to allow for the free and clear passage of emergency vehicles, my office shall be forced to notify the North Carolina Office of the state Fire Marshal of the situation, which could result in a change to the ISO rating for your homeowners, which negatively affects insurance for homeowners…”   


The board is waiting to see if the Deer Run HOA will comply with Marshal Haraway’s request and, if not, what further steps may be taken.


  1. Road Fees and Contributions

Our road fees have not gone up since they were established in 2015, despite the fact that our costs have increased.  Fees did not go up this year, but an increase will have to be considered for next year.


We want to thank all of you who have paid their road fees and especially those of you who gave additional donations in 2022. Your generosity is very much appreciated, and your contributions went to work immediately on needed road projects.


If you are a position to do so, we hope you will add a contribution to your annual fee payment this year.  If you are not in a position to pay your entire road fee for 2021, we understand.  You are welcome to pay monthly ($12.50) or quarterly ($37.50).


Questions? Comments? Contact the RMO Board of Directors at P.O. Box 2773, Surf City, NC 28445 or via Facebook  (Creek Estates & Cedar Landing II, Surf City, NC) or at the website – Cedar Landing 2 & Creek Estates – Road Maintenance Organization, Inc. (www.cl-cermo.com) or President Cynthia Kunz (910.541.2433).

CL2-CR RMO Board of Directors

John Brooks    Scott Campbell   Ann Donnelly    Cynthia Kunz    Cheri Parnell     Rob Schneider


Jeff Conerly (Communications)   Sue Conerly (Audit)   Greg Fogle (Activities)   Steve Hanchey (Roads)