2nd Letter to Property Owners

The letter shown below was included in the Road Maintenance Bill sent out to all property owners today:

A Note From:

Cedar Landing 2 & Creek Estates Property Owners Organization committee


As indicated in the letter from the Cedar Landing 2 & Creek Estates (CL2-CE) Property Owners Organization committee you probably received last week, we no longer have ANY road maintenance and are trying to stabilize the quickly deteriorating road conditions here in the community and to establish a long term CL2-CE Road Maintenance Organization.

The included $25/monthly  bill is a temporary amount, 100%  of which is to pay for a restart of maintenance.  The amount will be revised once the  CL2-CE Road Maintenance Organization  is finalized and officers elected. They will collect bids to maintain the roads and set the amount accordingly. Please visit the website regularly for the most current information and activities.   The website is “cl-cermo.com” .  The site has a “contact the committee” form to submit any question or comments.

When the  CL2-CE Road Maintenance Organization  is formed in the next several months and officers are elected by majority of the member property owners,  the CL2-CE RMO will move to take full responsibility for road maintenance. Until such time, the committee will be responsible.

The goal is to send out a letter outlining the formation process soon and to then have a meeting of all property owners in mid-October to discuss and finalize the organization.

Checks should be payable to CL2-CE Road Maintenance Organization (CL2-CE RMO) and sent to:  CL2-CE Road Maintenance Organization;  PO BOX 2773;   Surf City, NC  28445.  Please use the website  “Contact Committee” form for any questions.