July Meeting Report – 7/14/2018

The quarterly meeting of the Cedar Landing 2 – Creek Estates Road Maintenance Organization (RMO) was held on Saturday, July 14, 2018 at 1:00 pm at the Surf City Fire Department.

  1.  Organizational Leadership

President Carl Mounts announced that he was retiring as President, that Secretary/Treasurer, Anita Holder, would continue to serve as Treasurer but had resigned as Secretary, and that Barbara Mounts was resigning as the keeper of RMO financial records and operations (Quickbooks).  He proposed that Steve Hanchey complete his term as President and that Cynthia Kunz complete the term of the Secretary, and that Ann Donnelly assume the RMO’s Quickbooks operation.  He noted the following slate of officers and committee chairs:

  • President – Steve Hanchey*
  • Vice President – Jeff Conerly*
  • Secretary – Cynthia Kunz*
  • Treasurer – Anita Holder*
  • Assistant Treasurer (Quickbooks) – Ann Donnelly
  • Mike Colly – Road Maintenance Committee Chair

*Term ends January 2019

There being no objection, Mr. Hanchey continued the meeting.

Vice President Jeff Conerly presented a certificate of appreciation to Carl and Barbara Mounts, the RMO’s founding president and Secretary-Treasurer respectively.  Their enormous service to the community in securing the organization’s incorporation and setting up both the financial/accounting systems and road maintenance procedures were highlighted and the community’s gratitude expressed.

2.    Reports, and Plans

  1. Tolling of Cedar Avenue
    1. July 4th Holiday

Mr. Conerly reported on July 4th weekend traffic and road tolling:

  • The number of vehicles using Cedar Avenue on July 3rd, the day of the Surf City fireworks, increased:
    • 2017 – 1,279 vehicles
    • 2018 – 2,065 vehicles
  • However, traffic throughout the July 4th weekend was reduced:
    • 2017 – 8,226 vehicles
    • 2018 – 6,523
  • The June 30, 2018 tolling of Cedar Avenue:
    • Processed some 600 vehicles
    • Collected $960.00 in tolls, sticker purchases, and contributions
  • Compared to the Memorial Day tolling of Cedar Avenue, the July 4th holiday tolling:
    • Required no 9-1-1 calls (7 such calls were required during the Memorial Day tolling)
    • Saw decreased hostility among drivers, most of whom were polite and compliant
    • Saw no ‘toll runners’ (there were several runners during the Memorial Day tolling)

Members discussed the experience of running the road toll operation, noting that:

  • Lessons learned during the Memorial Day tolling were applied, but new questions/issues emerged, e.g., drivers claiming to be looking at real estate properties
  • There were some inconsistencies in applying the toll that could be eliminated with a written standard operating procedure (SOP) and use of the directory of property owner names and addresses
  • Four-hour shifts were taxing and should be reduced, if possible, and residents’ preferences for shift hours should be observed in making assignments
  • Several neighbors who had not signed on to staff the toll station appeared throughout the day to provide refreshment and encouragement to volunteers
  • Dates should be removed from the signage on Highway 210 announcing the road toll to increase the likelihood that drivers will pass by Cedar Avenue and proceed to Highway 50

Mr. Mounts thanked all who had participated in the tolling.  He noted that initial conversations with the leadership of the Deer Run homeowners’ association indicate that this group is interested in collaborating to decrease cut-through vehicles and driving speed and increase community safety.

3. Labor Day Tolling of Cedar Avenue

Members agreed to again toll Cedar Avenue on Saturday, September 1, 2018.  Ideally, the tolling will occur in two locations in order to intercept all cut-through traffic.  Some 32 volunteers (16 per toll station) will be required to staff the stations.  Mr. Conerly will recruit and assign volunteers for toll station and support duties.

4.    Road Maintenance Plans

In response to member questions, it was noted that major maintenance activities on Cedar Avenue will resume in the fall.

5.     Stop Signs

Members discussed the impact of the new stop signs located on Cedar Avenue at Doe Ridge Road, Creek Drive, and Landing Drive.  Opinions varied about the degree of compliance, but in general the addition of the signs is viewed as one more step forward in the interest of reducing cut-through traffic and vehicle speed and increasing community safety.

6.    Fact-Finding and Long-Term Strategy: Maintaining Cedar Avenue

Mr. Conerly reported on his continued fact-finding, which is designed to identify options for road maintenance and to assess their relative feasibility so that these can be presented to members.  Focusing on the largest issue, i.e., maintenance of Cedar Avenue, he explained that, at present, there appear to be three very different options/approaches:

  • Install Permanent Toll Gates on Cedar Avenue

Two Wilmington-based firms have offered initial bids of approximately $20,000 per toll gate

Elements of cost include: concrete pad and electricity for gates, site preparation, insurance, maintenance, camera system, and a conclusive legal opinion that the RMO has the authority to permanently toll Cedar Avenue

  • Petition the Pender County Commission to improve Cedar Avenue

If 75% of Cedar Avenue property owners agree, Pender County will accept a petition to loan the RMO the roughly $1 million needed to improve Cedar Avenue and collect the repayment via property taxes on those owners

  • Petition the State of North Carolina to assume ownership and maintenance of Cedar Avenue

This option would likely, though not certainly, involve substantial engineering, movement of water lines, and paving

He explained that there are significant costs and drawbacks of each option/approach and that further study is needed before members can be presented with definitive costs and benefits.  Further results of fact-finding on this matter will be reported in the next meeting.

7.   Adjournment and Next Meetings

  • Motion Made and Seconded:  To adjourn [Motion Passed].

Officers and committee chairs will convene on Monday, July 16 ( 7 pm) – at Cynthia Kunz’s home (507
Bishop Drive).

Regular member meetings will be held on:  October 13, 2018; January 12, 2019 (Annual Meeting); April 13, 2019; July 13, 2019; and October 12, 2019.

Name Address Telephone Email
A.J. Albertson 910-308-1027
Lynette Bunn
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Jeff and Sue Conerly
Matt Daly 201-945-6451
Roy Daniel
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Allen Faircloth
Laura Kolady 910-262-5178
Cynthia Kunz 703-405-4423
Patricia Lane 910-385-7713
Mary Miller 919-222-9542
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Lewis Parker 919-963-2623
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