Minutes 11-6-2015

A meeting of the newly formed CLII-CE Road Maintenance Organization was held November 6, 2015 at the home of Ronnie and Linda Thomas. Property owners attending were Bobby Phillips, Jeff and Sue Conerly, Allen Faircloth, Ronnie and Linda Thomas, Shirley Gardner, Kenneth and Pat Thrower, Carl and Barbara Mounts, Donna and Laura Smith, Floyd and Dorothy West, Donald and Cheryl Smith, Allen Padgett and Robert Chace.

Actions and Comments were as follows:

  1. President Carl Mounts called the meeting to order. Secretary Pat Thrower read the minutes from the October 26, 2015 meeting of the initial Board of Directors. The financial report was given by treasurer Bobby Phillips. He gave a breakdown of expenses to date:
    • The cost of scraping the roads on October 8th and 9th was $1100.00
    • $60.00 was sent to the NC Secretary of State for the application for incorporation leaving a balance of $5840.00.
    • A total of 121 homeowners have paid either one or two times.
  2. Copies of the Articles of Incorporation were handed out. These have been submitted to the Secretary of State and should be approved by the middle of next week. Also handed out were copies of the By Laws to be reviewed for approval, corrections, comments or recommendations.
  3. The current plan is for  invoices to be sent out semi annually:
    • the fee would be $150.00 per year beginning January 2016.
    • Optional payments could be made monthly at $12.50, quarterly at $37.50, semi annually at $75.00 or annually at $150.00.
  4. Carl met with Pender County Utilities and was told someone would come out and supervise locating water lines when the dirt is being pulled from the ditches. A backhoe will be rented to pull the dirt from the ditches. After this is done, the roads will be scraped and crowned and gravel will be put down. He asked for volunteers for a road committee to organize and coordinate this work. Volunteering were:
    • Carl Mounts
    • Ronnie Thomas
    • Donald Smith
    • Kenny Thrower.
  5. Bobby mentioned that after the last scraping, several property owners complained that they had difficulty getting in their driveway. Ronnie Thomas volunteered to smooth these down. Another concern was debris being put in the ditches and around driveway drains. It would be helpful for drainage if these were removed and not burned in the ditches.
  6. The potholes on the hard surfaced road on Cedar Ave. will be filled in.
  7. Ballots will go out with the next billing for election of permanent officers.
  8. The next meeting of the organization will be early January 2016 at the Surf City Fire Dept.(the old volunteer fire dept) located on Hwy 210. Property owners planning to attend will need to bring chairs.
  9. Jeff will post the Articles of Incorporation and the By Laws on the organization’s website.

Donald Smith made a motion to adjourn and it was seconded by Bobbie Phillips. Please let me know if there are any corrections or items missed.

Respectly submitted,

Pat Thrower