June Meetings 6/2 & 6/23

June 2 RMO meeting held at Surf City FD

Meeting called to order by President, Carl Mounts

21 people present

Next meeting was set for June 23 at 1:00PM

Objective of this meeting is to review the Memorial Day Toll results and start plans for July 4 Week Toll Roads

Memorial Day Toll road comparison: 2017 had  over 1800 vehicles whereas 2018 had only 800.  over 1000 less than 2017 showing Toll was success.  Media coverage was extensive and has captured the badly needed visibility and awareness of others.

Plans for July 4 week based on what we learned over Memorial Day weekend:

  • need more volunteers
  • need more women at toll check points
  • have a hand-out to explain who we are and who to contact
  • need better setup for stopping traffic
  • only plan for June 30; more if volunteers available

Other Work

  • New regulation size STOP signs are being installed
  • Additional speed bumps added to gravel road
  • Improvements and repairs on paved road to be limited to slow tourist traffic
  • Carl requested someone else take responsibility for Road Committee
  • Work is underway to obtain quotes to put in a gate for traffic control

Agreed that Non Property owners can purchase stickers; 2 stickers for $75.

Some discussion about the new 3200 dwelling development behind Dollar General.  The easiest path for a resident to take for any points south will be through our shortcut.

The major announcement was that Carl Mounts, President plans to resign at the next meeting.


Meeting was adjourned.



June 23 RMO meeting held at Surf City FD

Carl Mounts called the meeting to order

21 people present

A resolution of our support has been passed by the Pender Board of Commissioners and by the Town of Surf City.  These are sent to our elected officials and DOT.

The goal was to finalize plans for July 4 week Toll activities.

  • Will use better barricade to block road for Toll
  • Will set up at intersection of Doe Ridge and Cedar Ave
  • Dear Run HOA has been advised and are supportive. They understand that turn around traffic will be routed out via Doe Ridge.
  • Traffic from Hwy 210 will be stopped. Traffic from Drift Wood will be allowed to pass.
  • Toll will be in place between 10AM and 6PM
  • Depending on volunteers available, additional Toll days may be put into place

Carl announced that he will resign at the July 14 regular meeting

  • Carl may sell the tractor
  • Steve Hanchey, VP will move into an acting President role until elections in January
  • Steve will appoint a new acting VP.
  • Barbara has requested someone take over the QuickBooks. Ann Donnelley has agreed to take the QuickBooks
  • The secretary’s position will also be filled at the July 14 meeting.


Meeting was adjourned.