Annual Meeting – 1-14-2017

The annual  meeting of the CL2-CE RMO was held 1-14-2017 at the Surf City Fire Department in Surf City, NC. Attending were Bobby Phillips, Allen Faircloth, Donald and Cheryl Smith, Carl and Barbara Mounts, Herman Faircloth, Pat and Kenny Thrower, Jeff and Sue Conerly, Kirk and Clayann Binning, Mike Donnelly, Tom Best for Mary Miller, Steve Hanchey, Floyd West and Steve Reyes.

President Carl Mounts called the meeting to order.

Secretary Pat Thrower read the minutes from the March 19, 2016 meeting. A motion was made to accept the minutes as read and it was seconded by Mike Donnelly. All were in favor.

Treasurer Kenny Thrower reported $2,494.63 was carried over from 2016. This year to date $12,150.00 has been paid in leaving a balance of $14,644.63. He reported that 92 property owners have paid so far. Carl said that payment options will be on next the next statement. Barbara Mounts made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report. It was seconded by Mike Donnelly and all were in favor.

Election of Officers

Kenny reported that 42 ballots for the election of officers were returned. There were 41 in favor of proposed officers with 1 nay. Jeff Conerly made a motion to accept the slate of officers and it was seconded by Mike Donnelly. All were in favor.

New Business

Carl made a proposal to amend Section IV of the by-laws to as follows. All dues must be paid current by the seller upon sale of property from January 1, 2016. A motion was made by Cheryl Smith to accept the change. Jeff seconded and all were in favor. The current amendment will be registered with the Register of Deeds in Pender Co.

He also proposed an amendment to Section II, Voting Rights, to add that paid up members may appoint a Proxy to vote in their absence. Jeff made a motion to accept, Mike seconded and all were in favor.

Other Business

Carl asked members to keep leaves and other debris from ditches. It’s ok to burn in the ditches just don’t leave anything to impede the flow of water.

He is ordering two speed bumps that are 18 feet wide to use on the roads.

Other Issues

Carl also reported more dumping has been taking place on Cedar Ave. So far a sofa, a chair and more recently a mattress have been dumped in the ravine. Due to the depth of the ravine, it takes a backhoe to remove these heavy items. There was discussion as to how we could find those responsible and report them to law enforcement. Herman Faircloth mentioned placing a barricade. Placing cameras was discussed. Carl will purchase “NO DUMPING” signs to place at this location.  Everyone in our community is asked to report any dumping and to get tag number if possible. There are charges and fines for illegal dumping.

Other Discussion

A security light has been installed at the entrance to Creek Estates so the entrance is easily seen after dark.

Carl noted that several solar lights at the entrance were not working. Jeff made a motion that we spruce up the entrance with paint to the sign, etc. Barbara Mounts made a motion to appoint a committee to handle this. Cheryl Smith seconded and all were in favor. Jeff will chair this committee. Volunteering for the committee were Steve Reyes and Mike Donnelly.

Road traffic was discussed. Discussion included tolls and gates. Jeff will look at cost for gates.

Clayann Binning said that there are two speed limit signs on Cedar Ave. almost across from each other with 25 mph on one and 20 mph on the other. Carl said he will remove one of these.

Jeff gave an update of those he has spoke with on the local and state level regarding receiving some help with the roads due to our unique situation. So far, no one will help.

Jeff made a motion that as a service to paid up members that they could pay for tractor work on their property such as spreading gravel, etc. The motion was made to charge $75.00/hr. for tractor rental only. Herman Faircloth seconded the motion. Donald Smith said the tractor operator should be paid for the work since it doesn’t pertain to the roads. He will come up with a price and it would be on a case by case basis. The tractor rental fee would go to the RMO budget.

Respectfully Submitted,

Pat Thrower