January Meeting – 1/13/2018


The biannual meeting of the CL2-CE Road Maintenance Organization met Jan 13, 2018 at the Surf City Fire Department in Surf City, NC. In attendance were board members Carl Mounts, Steve Hanchey and Anita Holder and at least 22 others. Many expressed excitement over the record setting attendance.

The meeting began with introductions of all in attendance. Previous meeting minutes were read by Anita Holder; Barbara Mounts made a motion that the minutes be accepted as read and Jeff Connerly seconded.

New Business = Jeff told about the camera in place on Cedar Ave and told members how to find the traffic counts that he reports on the website at www.cl-cermo.com. For example, from 7-1-17 to 7-9-17 there were 8200+ vehicles. Traffic counts are usually updated every Monday.

Jeff encouraged residents to contact their legislature members by using the form on the CL-CE RMO website to ask for assistance in maintaining our road. He has talked to city/county/state and DOT officials and not made much progress. He pointed out that our long term goal is to have Surf City or the DOT take over maintenance of our roads and until that happens we ll continue to do what we can. Jeff reported that our roads are a part of the Mountain to Sea Trail.

ACTION: Lauren Kolodij has properties associated with the MTS and will check to see what that organization might can do for us.

Carl asked for assistance from neighbors by reporting those who speed in our neighborhood to Deputy Donnie Long who will take appropriate steps to slow them down.

Barbara Mounts made a motion that we contact local TV stations and Radio personalities and invite them to our next community meeting.

Anita Holder seconded the motion.

ACTION: Anita Holder will contact and invite those people. This should draw attention to our dilemma with our road.

ACTION: Pam Mims volunteered to lead a  Phone Committee  to encourage the owners in our neighborhood to pay their road maintenance fees, attend meetings, volunteer to help when needed, etc.


Phone Committee members are:

Pamela Mimms 910-622-1539
Ann Donnelly 252-702-2100
Matt Daly 201-945-6451
Anita Phillips 919-818-1330
Marie Zito 910-690-9952


ACTION: Although absent, Ann Donnelly was volunteered to set up and be administer for a community Facebook page.  This has been done.  Follow us on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/creekestates/

Kenny Thrower thanked everyone for their attendance, suggested a  Spring Cleanup  for our neighborhood and suggested we all look out for each others property.

Next meeting was scheduled for Saturday March 10, 2018.

Barbara Mounts made motion meeting be closed. Steve Hanchey seconded it and all agreed.

Prepared by:

Anita Holder