Special Board Meeting – 9/12/2016

A meeting of the Board of Directors met 9/12/2016 at the home of Carl and Barbara Mounts for the purpose of addressing the issue of non-paying residents and road maintenance.

Present were board members President Carl Mounts, Secretary Pat Thrower and interim Treasurer Kenny Thrower.  Others present were website administrator Jeff Conerly, Sue Conerly and  Barbara Mounts. Absent was vice president Linda Thomas.

Road Maintenance

Discussed was the need to have road closures in the future for road maintenance, especially the high traffic areas with culverts in an unknown condition. A failure such as some that have been experienced on the lower traffic roads could lead to a traffic accident.  Jeff made a motion to  close the roads on Easter weekend for a professional examination of key traffic areas and any n repairs. Notices will be sent to EMS, Fire, sheriff, county and city management and mail. Property owners will be notified by letter in next billing cycle. Jeff will post on our website and we will utilize Facebook. Barricades will be placed and signs will be put up regarding the closure. Barbara seconded the motion and all were in favor.

Jeff Conerly passed out a letter he has drafted describing the situation that we found ourselves in when no one was maintaining the roads, how the organization was started and the importance of keeping the road passable for fire, EMS, mail and deliveries. The letter will be sent to non-paying property owners to encourage participation. The letter was reviewed and after some discussion, everyone was in agreement. Jeff made a motion to send the letter out as soon as possible. Kenny seconded and all were in favor.

The next meeting of the Board of Directors and Road Committee will be held at the home of Carl and Barbara Mounts on 9/23/2016 at 11:00 for the purpose of updating the By-laws.

Barbara made a motion to adjourn and was seconded by Kenny and all were in favor.

Respectfully submitted

Pat Thrower