Traffic Situation

The Private roads through Creek Estates, Cedar Landing, and Deer Run are used by the public as  a convenient shortcut to Lanier’s Campground and to bypass the HWY 210 traffic to the swing bridge. This shortcut bypasses 3 stop lights, Surf City law enforcement, and the normally high summer traffic.  It is also the only emergency access on or off the island in the event there is a wreck or other obstruction on Hwy 210 on the mainland side of the swing bridge.  Google Maps will also route across the “shortcut” as if it were open public roads.

The map below illustrates this “short cut” problem where the Private roads are shown in RED and the DOT maintained roads are in BLACK.   2500 to 2800 vehicles per week, many with a boat or camper attached, is not uncommon with a much higher volume during the summer.  This is high volume public traffic over private roads that were never engineered for this volume and where the property owners must pay for maintenance.  It is also over private roads where the property owners  are  NOT allowed to impede public traffic.