March Meeting – 3/10/2018

The quarterly meeting of the CL2-CE Road Maintenance Organization met March 10, 2018 at the Surf City Fire Department in Surf City, NC. In attendance were board members Carl Mounts, Steve Hanchey and Anita Holder and at least 24 others.

Carl opened our meeting and immediately introduced our distinguished guest, and Representative Bob Muller, our NC House Representative in Pender County. Mr. Muller knows of our dilemma concerning the amount of traffic we contend with on our privately maintained roads in our neighborhood and he is trying to help us come up with some possible solutions. He acknowledged receipt of many letters from residents who were concerned about our road situation. He admitted that he didn’t have a solution for our problem, but he told us he had been looking into it and would continue to try to help us figure out a solution. One option he mentioned pertained to a development in Gaston County that was loaned the money needed to build state maintainable roads and then the residents repaid the note using their usual Road Maintenance Fees.

Old Business = After Mr. Muller spoke, the meeting continued with minutes of previous meeting being read by Anita Holder. Carl made a motion that the minutes be accepted as read and Jeff seconded it. All were in favor.

New Business = Jeff gave an update concerning the fact that only about 50% of lot owners participate in payment of Road Maintenance Fees. Considering that most of those people who currently run the tractor are either elderly or in poor health (or both), in the future our costs will increase because we will also have to be able to afford to pay someone to drive the tractor. Therefore we need more people to pay their road maintenance share if we expect to be able to maintain the roads. Once we get up to 67% participation, we will qualify for help under the North Carolina Planned Community Act.

ACTION * Barbara Mounts made a motion that on or before April 1, 2018, we contact those lot owners who are behind on their road maintenance fees and offer them forgiveness of all back due Road maintenance fees if they will pay $150 to cover their 2018 fees. (Barbara explained that this should help us to reach our goal of at least 67% participation of lot owners paying road maintenance fees.) Pat Thrower seconded the motion and all were in favor.

ACTION: The printed proposed budget was passed around to those present. Anita Holder read pertinent details from the budget. Barbara Mounts made a motion that the 2018 budget be accepted as proposed and Jeff Connerly seconded the motion. All were in favor.

ACTION: The was some discussion as to what material would be used in the future for filling in holes on our unpaved roads. Barbara made a motion that we continue to use Crusher Run. Jeff seconded the motion and all were in favor.

ACTION: Cleanup Day of April 7, 2018 announced. (Inclement weather will cause cleanup day to be April 14, 2018.) All roads and ditches between Hwy 210 and Driftwood should be cleaned starting at 9am. Residents should bring their own trash bags and leave full bags on any roadside in our area. Carl volunteered to pick them up and dispose of them.

ACTION: Carl asked for additional volunteers to run the tractor. Currently Carl, Bobby Phillips and Steve Hanchey participate in running the tractor over our roads. Tractor has been in shop having clutch replaced. Should be back in operation the following week.

ACTION: Jeff pointed out that our website DOES get some traffic. To date it has had over 15,000 views. Jeff made a motion that meeting be adjourned. Carl seconded it and all were in favor. Meeting adjourned at 2:04pm.

Next meeting will be held Saturday July 14, 2018.

Prepared by:
Anita Holder