Special Board Meeting 7/30/2016


A special meeting on 7-30-2016 of the Board of Directors of the CLll-CE Road Maintenance was held at the Surf City Fire Department on Hwy. 210 at the request of President, Carl Mounts regarding the resignation of  Treasurer, Bobby Phillips. In attendance were board members Carl Mounts, Linda Thomas and Pat Thrower. Road Committee members attending, in addition to Carl, were Donald Smith, Ronnie Thomas and Kenny Thrower. Others were Jeff and Sue Conerly, Cheryl Smith and Barbara Mounts.

The meeting was called to order by Carl who informed the group that Bobby Phillips had resigned the treasurer’s position. The books had been audited and turned in to the board. Carl reported a balance on hand of $7097.09.

Budget Discussion

Carl would like more transparency regarding everyone being able to see the names of those who are paying and the non-payers. Jeff said those paying are shown on the website as members. Carl wants the road committee members and the board to have a list.

It was brought up that more ditches need to be cleaned out and a drainage pipe is need across one of the roads before anymore gravel is spread. Jeff made a motion that all planning and execution of the road maintenance, within the budget, should be turned over to the road committee.    They will look into all the maintenance needs of the roads and prioritize actions based on resource and budget constraints.  Barbara seconded the motion and all agreed.

Jeff made a motion to elect a chairman for the road committee other than the president. Carl nominated Donald Smith. Sue Conerly seconded the motion and all were in favor.

Jeff said the RMO needed a Liability Policy. Carl said he would check on a liability policy and the cost.

There was discussion regarding having a third party with knowledge of “Quick Books” to do the RMO’s accounting which would simplify the process. Jeff nominated Barbara Mounts for the position, Cheryl Smith seconded and all were in favor. Barbara graciously accepted.

A treasurer is still needed to collect money, make deposits and get the information to Barbara. Carl made the motion that Kenny Thrower fill the treasurer position. Donald seconded the motion, Kenny agreed and all were in favor. All agreed that all checks written for an amount over $200.00 will need two signatures with one being a board member.

Jeff suggested ways involve more members and encourage participation of all property owners. A cookout was mentioned. He also reported that our website has had 7000 visits!

Barbara made a motion to adjourn and was seconded by Kenny and all were in favor.

Respectfully submitted

Pat Thrower