Board Meeting- 4/28/2017

The CL2-CE  RMO board met 4-28-2017 at the home of Carl and Barbara Mounts. Board members in attendance were Carl Mounts, Steve Hanchey, Pat Thrower and Kenny Thrower. Also in attendance were Barbara Mounts, accountant, Jeff Conerly, website administrator and road committee chairman, Donald Smith. Others present were Bobby Phillips, Sue Conerly and Cheryl Smith.

  • Barbara reported a bank balance of approximately $11000.00.
  • Carl handed out a draft of a letter to be sent to nonpaying property owners. It was reviewed, comments included, and approved and will be sent out in the next mailing.
  • Plans are to put a load of gravel at the entrance of Pine Ridge Court. No new work is planned at this time on the paved road.
  • A request sent by a property owner regarding loose gravel on the stretch of road by their property on Creek Dr. was discussed. The road committee will relocate what they can per request of property owner.
  • More speed bump signs will be placed at appropriate sites.
  • Jeff presented a graft that showed the increase in number of cars using our roads. A camera is set up that gives him the ability to count the cars and also watch for illegal dumping. After some discussion, it was decided to check into renting a lighted sign to place at Hwy. 210 entrance Memorial Day weekend that reads “don’t live in here, don’t turn in here”. Jeff will check on the logistics and cost.
  • A “clean- up day” has been scheduled for 5-6-2017. Property owners are requested to clean the debris from the ditches and any objects laying on the road in front of their property. Everyone is encouraged to come out and participate and get to know your neighbors.