Board meeting 1-13-2017

The CL2 and CE Board of Directors met 1-13-2017 at the home of Carl and Barbara Mounts. Present were President, Carl Mounts, Secretary, Pat Thrower, and Treasurer, Kenny Thrower. Others present were Website Administrator, Jeff Conerly, Accountant, Barbara Mounts, Road Committee Chairman, Donald Smith, Steve Hanchey, Sue Conerly and Cheryl Smith.

Barbara handed out Profit and Loss detail sheets for the year 2016 and these were reviewed. The 2017 budget was reviewed and will be voted on at the annual meeting.

Kenny reported that $12,150 has been collected so far this year. Out of the 92 property owners that have paid, 65 paid the full amount for the year. He reported that 41 election ballots were returned.

Comments that were written on the ballots were discussed. One of the suggestions was to give a phone number that members could call for questions or concerns and for those who don’t have computer access. Jeff said that he has set up a Google Voice Line. Carl’s phone number will be listed.

Other Business

The owner of the tractor the RMO has been renting has moved. We have the opportunity to purchase the tractor for the payoff amount. It was agreed that with the cost of renting by the hour, we would be better off buying and using the tractor whenever needed. Carl will go to the bank next week to discuss our loan options.

Jeff asked if property owners needed tractor work on their property, could a request be made and whatever the hourly charge, the money would go to the RMO budget. Carl said this could be discussed at the general meeting.

Other Discussion

The purchase of speed bumps was discussed and approved.

Illegal dumping has been taking place in the ravine a short distance from the hard surfaced road. “No Dumping” signs will be purchased. Cameras were discussed. If we could get a license plate number, we can report it to law enforcement. There can be charges and heavy fines.

The road committee has set a date of 1-28-2017 to finish repairs on the hard surfaced road.

At the general meeting on 1-14-2017, we will vote on officers and the budget.

Respectfully Submitted,

Pat Thrower, Secretary