Q1 Minutes-3/19/2016

The regular quarterly  CLll-CE Road Maintenance Organization meeting was held March 19, 2016 at the Surf City Fire Department.

Attending were Kenny and Pat Thrower, Jeff and Sue Conerly, Carl and Barbara Mounts, Floyd West, Donald and Cheryl Smith, and Anita Phillips.

The meeting was called to order by Carl Mounts.

Pat Thrower read the minutes from the January 9, 2016 minutes. There were no corrections.

Anita Phillips handed out  copies of the financial statement. The balance on hand to date is $5961.80. She reported there is an increase in those paying dues. We are now at 66.6% of property owners  participating.

The financial books were audited by Sue Conerly, Cheryl Smith and Gail Creech and found to be in order.

Old Business:

Carl reported 18 tractor trailer loads of gravel was spread on some of the roads and more is needed. Speed limit and “No Trespassing” signs were put up by the road committee. Some of the ditches have been dug out and the dirt that was removed will be spread elsewhere on the roads.

New Business:

Discussion was held on how to slow down the traffic. Barbara Mounts made a motion to make speed bumps. Jeff Conerly seconded. All were in favor.

Barbara also made a motion to purchase signs to warn of speed bumps. Seconded by Donald Smith. All were in favor. Carl will purchase these.

There was discussion regarding buying more gravel and also the trash situation on our roadside. Sue Conerly made a motion to purchase three more loads of gravel and “No Dumping” signs. It was seconded by Floyd West. All were in favor.

Barbara made a motion to have a “Community Beautification Day” to address the roadside trash problem. Sue seconded the motion and all were in favor. The dates decided on were May 6th and 7th. Property owners are encouraged to come out and help. We will meet at 9am at  Cedar Ave. and Hwy 210.

Motion to adjourn by Floyd West, seconded by Donald Smith. All were in favor.

Next meeting will be July 9, 2016 at 1pm at the Surf City Fire Department in Surf City.

Respectfully Submitted,

Pat Thrower