1/23/2016 Prel. Budget Review

A meeting of the Board of Directors of the CLll/CE Road Maintenance Organization met January 23,2016 at the home of the President, Carl Mounts for the purpose of planning the 2016 budget. Board members in attendance were Carl Mounts, Linda Thomas, Bobby Phillips and Pat Thrower. Others attending were Barbara Mounts and Jeff and Sue Conerly.

New Business:
>   Bobby Phillips gave the financial report to date. There were expenditures of $4616.00 leaving a balance of $6000.00.
>   Bobby also  presented an estimated budget for 2016. A few items were discussed and he will make the changes as approved.
>   Carl will check on purchasing speed limit signs. He will also look into a vehicle counter.
>   Sue Conerly volunteered to head a committee to do the yearly financial audit. She will be asking a few non-board members for assistance.
>   Jeff will post the 2016 goals for the roads on the website.
>   A motion was made to adjourn by Jeff Conerly and was seconded by Bobby Phillips. All were in favor.
Respectfully submitted, Pat Thrower