Minutes 10-26-2015

Minutes from 10-26-2015 meeting

The Initial Board of Directors of the newly formed CLll-CE Road Maintenance Organization  held a short notice quick meeting to review the Articles of Incorporation met October 26, 2015 at the home of Carl and Barbara Mounts.

Present were President, Carl Mounts, Vice President, Linda Thomas, Secretary, Pat Thrower,

and Treasurer, Bobby Phillips. Also present were Barbara Mounts, Anita Phillips and Jeff and Sue  Conerly.


Actions and Comments were as follows:


The primary objective of the meeting was to review the Articles of Incorporation draft. The

Articles of Incorporation were passed out by Carl Mounts. They were reviewed, corrections were made then approved. Carl will send them to the Secretary of State for approval.


Other items discussed included the need for the ditches to be cleaned out. Before this can be done, Pender County will have to be notified so cable and phone lines can be located. Carl will write the letter to Pender County. He will also ask Pender County Utilities if they can identify the water lines.


Everyone agreed that the road needs to be smoothed out in spots. This needs to be done prior to pulling dirt from the ditches. Jeff Conerly and Bobby Phillips will find someone with a tractor to do this.

Respectfully Submitted,

Pat Thrower