Annual Report – 2023

Board of directors

Cedar Landing2 – Creek Estates

Road Maintenance Organization, Inc.

Post Office box 2773     Surf City, North Carolina  28445

RMO Annual Report to Members – 2023

  1. New Road Maintenance Contractor

In the fall 2023, we re-competed the contract for maintaining our roads.  We discovered that there isn’t a great deal of interest in working on our roads and there are few firms willing to respond to a Request for Quotation.  But we are fortunate to have a road and track builder, Rob Schneider, among our neighbors and he has agreed to take on routine road maintenance and repair.  We are continuing to look for a partner who can provide larger and specialized equipment as needed and can be a backup in emergencies.  If you know of a firm that might be interested in this, please be in touch.


  1. 2023 Finances
  January – December 2023*
·         Road Fees Collected $29,618.75
·         Donations/Other $  1,169.00
Total Income $30,787.75
·         Road Maintenance and Repair

o   Bisping Land Improvements (quarterly grading, asphalt patching, culvert and washout repairs; includes labor, equipment, delivery, fuel, materials)




·         Insurance (general liability and directors and officers) $  1,232.67
·         Post Office Box and Postage (mailing road fee invoices) $  1,143.77
·         Accounting and Tax Filing $     440.00
·         Electric (Street lights at Cedar and #210 and at Landing and Driftwood) $     230.89
·         Office Supplies $     146.44
·         Estimated cost of 2023 approved road work to be done in winter 2024** $ 10,000.00
Total Expenses $ 29,754.63

*Not audited  **Park and Bishop Drives, Cedar Avenue, Creek Drive, Rustic Court


  • Road Maintenance Work

The pattern of road maintenance work has been to grade gravel roads and patch Cedar Avenue asphalt on a quarterly basis and only make emergency repairs until Hurricane Season ended in November.  Then as many repairs as we could afford were done.  Looking ahead at 2024, with our contractor now in the neighborhood, we expect to be able to do the grading and patching at more optimal times and to do some preventative maintenance as well.


In 2023, we:

  • Replaced the pipe under Cedar Avenue at NC #210 to solve a sinkhole that was increasing in size and depth
  • Added gravel and crowned Landing Drive between Driftwood Drive and Cedar Court
  • Repaired the washout at Phillips Circle and Cedar Avenue with the addition of new crushed concrete


Other projects were funded but not completed in 2023.  In January-February 2024, we will:

  • Address the severe roadbed erosion on Park and Bishop Drives by applying gravel to raise the road and restore water drainage into the ditches
  • Install a speed bump at 502-503 Creek Drive
  • Add gravel to Rustic Court


In the spring, we will address:

  • Roadbed stabilization and restoration of proper drainage on Bishop Court and Donna’s Drive
  • Replace the drainage pipe under Cedar Avenue at Pine Ridge Drive/Phillips Circle
  • Fill Creek Drive and Creek Court potholes
  • Add gravel on Landing Drive between Cedar Court and Cedar Avenue


If you have other items to be added to the project waiting list, please contact us through the website – Cedar Landing 2 & Creek Estates – Road Maintenance Organization, Inc. ( – or by email at – or by calling or emailing Cynthia Kunz, President (910-541-2433) –


  1. Private Road Assessment Reminder: Protect Your Property Value!

The 2024 private road assessment remains $175.00.  Most owners pay their assessment in full in January-February, but some pay semi-annually ($87.50), quarterly ($43.75), or monthly ($14.58).  Please select the option that best suits you.


Special thanks in advance goes to all who make a donation in addition to the assessment.  With all of our costs continuing to rise, your contributions and very much appreciated and go directly to road maintenance work.


  1. Creek Estates Sign at NC #210 – Contributions and Volunteers Needed

Our neighbor Lisa Fussell is coordinating fundraising and volunteers to clean up and landscape around the ‘Creek Estates’ sign at Cedar Avenue and NC #210.  The owners of the lot on which the sign sits have graciously agreed to let our neighbors improve the site and enhance all of our ‘curb appeal.’  Contact Lisa at 910-284-6455 or


  1. Ditch Clearing

Thanks to everyone who burned or disposed of vegetative debris in our drainage ditches this summer.  Clearing these means that water can flow and drain properly, and we can avoid expensive damage to our fragile roadbeds.  Thank you!


  • Your Email Address? Questions? 

When we can email, rather than mail, updates like this, our administrative costs are reduced.  We will not sell or share your address with any other party.  You can reach us with your email address or any questions at the website – Cedar Landing 2 & Creek Estates – Road Maintenance Organization, Inc. ( – or by calling or emailing Cynthia Kunz, President (910-541-2433) –




Cedar Landing 2 – Creek Estates Road Maintenance Organization Board of Directors

Cynthia Kunz, President    Ann Donnelly, Treasurer    John Brooks    Scott Campbell

Cheri Parnell    Rob Schneider