January 2023

BOARD of directors

CL2 – CE RMO, Inc.

Meeting Report – January 10, 2023

The Cedar Landing 2 – Creek Estates Road Maintenance Organization (RMO) Board of Directors convened at 507 Bishop Drive on Tuesday, January 10, 2023 at 6:00 pm.

Cynthia Kunz, President convened the meeting.

The report of the December 6, 2022 meeting was accepted.

  1. Road Maintenance

Steve Hanchey reported that BLI is working on getting permission from NCDOT to replace the drainage pipe under Cedar Avenue at NC#210.  He estimated the cost of this repair at ~$7,500.  Ms. Kunz reported that the Deer Run HOA president had tentatively agreed to open the gate at Cedar Avenue and Doe Ridge Drive while Cedar was closed for this repair but wanted to consult with his board before committing.  Members reviewed the notification of road closure to be sent to the Town of Surf City Police and Fire and to Pender County EMS, Schools, and Sheriff.


Members reviewed and prioritized the remaining issues to be addressed.  Members considered urgency of the problem, cost of the repair, and project visibility in agreeing to address the first three items, with the remaining items to be addressed as funds allowed:

  • Park Drive – ponding at 603 and 605
  • Rustic Court – rock
  • Cedar Avenue – remaining speed bumps replacement
  • Bishop Drive – roadbed stabilization
  • Bishop Court – roadbed stabilization
  • Landing Drive before Driftwood – ponding
  • Cedar Avenue and Pine Ridge Drive – tile replacement
  • Cedar Avenue at the end of the asphalt
  • New speed bump – 502-503 Creek

Members added a new priority project, i.e., ponding at Donna’s Drive and Bishop Court and discussed the status of the Creek Drive extension to the Phillips’ home, used by six homes/owners, which has not to date been graded.


  1. Financial Operations

Ann Donnelly reported that the current bank balance is $13,800.


III.           Member/RMO Issues

  • Chair in Cedar Avenue drainage ditch – Rob Schneider will take the chair to the dump
  • Dump trucks parking on Creek Drive – Rob Schneider has a commitment from the owner of the trucks who rented the trailers for his employees that he would repair the damages
  • Landing Court boat launch site signage – ordered; letter will be sent to owners prior to posting of signage


  1. Adjournment and Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on February 7, 2023 at 507 Bishop Drive at 6:00 pm.


Motion Made and Seconded:  To adjourn.  [Motion Passed].


  1. Attendees
Attending Name Title/Role Telephone Email
Board of Directors
Yes Cynthia Kunz President and Secretary 703-405-4423 cynthia.kunz@kunzandcompany.com
Yes Ann Donnelly Treasurer 252.702.2100 anndonnelly02@gmail.com
Yes John Brooks Member 910-785-1274 John.brooks@ipaper.com


No Scott Campbell Member   scott.campbell1@charter.com


Yes Cheri Parnell Member 252.203.1310 cdparnell60@gmail.com


Yes Rob Schneider Member   radicaltracks@hotmail.com


Committee Chairs
Yes Jeff Conerly Communications 910.328.3695




Yes Sue Conerly Audit 910.328.3695




No Greg Fogle Community Activities 704.756.0338


Yes Steve Hanchey Contractor Liaison 910.289.5246 hshanchey@gmail.com