Mid Year Letter 2022

Board of directors

Cedar Landing2 – Creek Estates

Road Maintenance Organization, Inc.

Post Office box 2773     Surf City, North Carolina  28445     cl2cermo@gmail.com



RMO Summary – January – June 2022

  1. Semi-Annual Report and Membership Meeting/Community Grill – October 9, 2022

We are reporting to you in this form, rather than in a membership meeting, because we believe that most of you prefer to read rather than attend.  That is, unless we meet around a barbeque grill as we did in April.  We’ll do that again for our next membership meeting/community grill on Saturday, October 2, 2022 (12:00 noon – 2:00 pm) at 507 Bishop Drive.  Bring something to grill, a dish to share, something to drink, and a chair.  The business will be quick so you can enjoy some great food and good neighbors.


  1. 2022 Finances

We are always very conservative about expenses in the first half of the year because we don’t know what Hurricane Season will bring.  We’ve had to be even more conservative this year because all road work requires gas or diesel-fueled vehicles and equipment, and the cost of that has increased dramatically.  We did not raise road fees in 2022 but will have to consider doing this in 2023.


  January – June 2022*
·         Road Fees Collected $21,560.00
·         Donations $  1,380.00
Total Income $22,940.00
·         Road Maintenance and Repair

o   Bisping Land Improvements (quarterly grading, asphalt patching, culvert and washout repairs; includes labor, equipment, delivery, fuel, materials)



$   4,748.91

·         Insurance (general liability and directors and officers) $   1,233.19
·         Post Office Box and Postage (mailing road fee invoices) $      497.96
·         Accounting and Tax Filing $      275.00
·         Electric (street lights at Cedar and #210 and at Landing and Driftwood) $        63.61
Total Expenses $    6,818.67

*Not audited


  • Road Fee Reminder

If you have not paid your road fee for 2022, please do so.  If you are not in a position to pay the entire $150.00, you are welcome to pay monthly ($12.50) or quarterly ($37.50).


Thank you!  To all of you who made a contribution in addition to your road fee.  With all of our costs rising, your contributions were very much appreciated.



  1. Road Maintenance Work

Since January, we have:


  • Graded gravel roads
  • Filled major asphalt potholes
  • Moved and constructed the first Cedar Avenue speed bump to NCDOT standards
  • Re-installed reflective tape on the asphalt speed bumps
  • Replaced the street sign at Landing Drive and Driftwood Drive
  • Ordered signage explaining the use of the Landing Court boat launch site


In addition to quarterly road grading and pothole filling, there are several items on the list to be addressed after Hurricane Season, including:


  • Continuing to replace Cedar Avenue speed bumps with those at NCDOT standards
  • Drainage problems on Park Drive
  • Sinking of Bishop Drive

If you have other items to be added to the waiting list, please contact us through the website – Cedar Landing 2 & Creek Estates – Road Maintenance Organization, Inc. (www.cl-cermo.com) – or by calling or emailing Cynthia Kunz, President (910-541-2433) – cynthia.kunz@kunzandcompany.com.

  1. Ditch Clearing

We recently wrote to owners with large piles of leaves and other vegetative debris in our drainage ditches.  We understand that people like to burn in our ditches and that, with such a dry winter and spring, it has been difficult to find a good time to do so.  We wrote also to owners with blocked drainage pipes.  Now, in Hurricane Season, it is urgent that these debris piles be cleared, and pipes be unblocked so that water can flow and drain properly, and we can avoid expensive damage to our fragile roadbeds. To those who have already cleared ditches – Thank You!


Bylaws Article Six, Section 5:  It is the responsibility of each member to keep ditches bordering their property clean of leaves and brush and other items that hinder the flow of water. 


  1. Board Updates


  • Welcome to new RMO Board of Directors members Scott Campbell, Cheri Parnell, and Rob Schneider! We appreciate your time, ideas, and enthusiasm.
  • Thank you!
    • To past President, Steve Hanchey, who continues to serve on the Road Committee as the liaison to our contractor, Bisping Land Improvements
    • To Greg Fogle, who re-installed the reflective tape on speed bumps and installed the new Landing Drive street sign
  • Our petition and request to the Deer Run HOA to re-open the intersection of Cedar Avenue and Doe Ridge Drive was rejected but the Pender County Fire Marshall was alerted to the road closure and offered the HOA two options: 1) open the gate permanently; or 2) install a siren-activated opening mechanism so that emergency vehicles can use that intersection to get into our community without having to use NC#210 and #50.  We understand that the second option was selected by the Deer Run homeowners, so we should have direct access by emergency responders restored soon.
  • Traffic Volume

Although prominent ‘private road’ signage and speed bumps have worked to reduce the cut-through traffic and its speed somewhat, the volume of traffic in our community continues to increase and change.  Here are the latest numbers.  Thank you to Jeff Conerly, who continues to monitor our vehicle trip data.



  • Your Email Address? Questions? 

When we can email, rather than mail, updates like this, our administrative costs are reduced.  We will only ever use your email address to communicate about road maintenance organization business.  We will not sell or share your address with any other party.  Do we have yours?  If not, please help us keep costs down and send it.


You can always reach us at the website – Cedar Landing 2 & Creek Estates – Road Maintenance Organization, Inc. (www.cl-cermo.com) – or by calling or emailing Cynthia Kunz, President (910-541-2433) – cynthia.kunz@kunzandcompany.com.


Cedar Landing 2 – Creek Estates Road Maintenance Organization Board of Directors

Cynthia Kunz, President    Ann Donnelly, Treasurer     John Brooks    Scott Campbell

Cheri Parnell    Rob Schneider