Minutes 9-12-2015

Homeowners Committee Meeting Minutes


Members Present:  Bobby and Anita Phillips, Jeff and Sue Conerly, Kirk Binning, Kenny and Pat Thrower, Allen Padgett, Archie and Shirley McLeod, Carol Skillton, Barbara Mounts, Jack Hamel, Neal Frye, Donald and Cheryl Smith

  1. Chairman Bobby Phillips opened the meeting and welcomed everyone.
  1. Bobby reminded everyone of Jeff’s creation of the webpage and that the activities of the committee as well as minutes of the meetings will be on the webpage. Jeff asked that everyone pass the word to their neighbors about the webpage and encouraged everyone to fill in the information request on the webpage. We especially need e-mail addresses for quick dissemination of information to the homeowners. So far he has had 78 visitors to the site.

The web address is:   http://cedarlanding-creekestates.jns2info

  1. Information letters about the formation of a homeowners organization were sent out to all the homeowners that were previously on the list for road maintenance. We obtained this list from Linda Thomas. Bobby has had some visitors to his home with questions about the organization. He and Anita delivered about 30 of the letters by hand and mailed out about 170. At the in home visitations the homeowners were positive in their responses to forming a road maintenance organization and getting our roads repaired.
  1. Bobby passed out county maps of the two developments. The map shows that 4 lots at the end of Doe Ridge Road are part of Deer Run Subdivision and not Creek Estates or Cedar Landing II. Road Maintenance fees have not been collected from these lots in the past.
  1. Bobby shared with the group that He, Jeff, Sue, and Anita have met with Donna Lanier and Sandra Raynor (Lanier’s daughters) and representatives of two road maintenance companies to try to get some bids for simply scraping the roads initially. We have not been able to get an estimate from them yet. Though the Robert Batson company would charge $60 per hour, he could not give us an estimate of how long it would take. The Lanier family is tied up with working on their other developments and cannot spare the time or equipment to scrape our roads. Bobby Phillips and Shirley McLeod said they would check with people they know about a possible estimate.
  1. Jeff stated that the Laniers would be willing to send out bills to the homeowners of $25 per month until we could get our formal organization up and running . Jeff read a letter that will be included with the bill. The bill will have our organization name on it.
  1. The group discussed and decided upon a name for our organization: Cedar Landing II/Creek Estates or to shorten it – CLII/CE Road Maintenance Organization. The name will need to be registered with the county and state for tax filing purposes and a bank account will need to be opened.
  1. Bobby shared with the group information he had received from his son, who is an attorney. He had spoken with two of his associates who work with homeowner associations and both agreed that since there is no homeowners association at this time in this neighborhood that you cannot force owners to form a homeowners association against their will. Homeowners can form an association if they wish to do so.
  1. A property owners meeting of all owners who wish to be a part of this organization will have to be planned. Officers have to be elected and bylaws need to be approved at this meeting. Before this can take place a mission of the CLII/CE Road Maintenance Organization will need to be composed and bylaws need to be written. At the meeting of all the homeowners their signatures will be required stating that they will support the organization and agree to pay the fees to maintain the roads.
  1. The next meeting will be held next Saturday, September 19 at 10:00 am again in Linda and Ronnie Thomas’ garage. The members present that this meeting of the committee agreed to bring their first payment so  we could have a beginning fund balance.