1st Letter to Propertyowners

This letter will be mailed and/or hand delivered to all propertyowners over the holiday weekend and next week.

Homeowner Organization Plans


As each of us know the current road situation is bad and deteriorating with each vehicle and each rain (photos) .  Continued deterioration of the road will  have a negative effect on our access, mail delivery, package delivery, EMS, Fire, Sale of Property, etc.   A short notice meeting was held on August 28.  with 21 of the local homeowners from 9 of the 12 streets in the neighborhood.   After  an  in depth discussion of the situation and options it was decided that a short term solution and a long term solution is required.  The long term solution is the establishment of a HOA*  with a  responsibility for road maintenance only.  Once established the HOA*  will assume responsibility for ongoing maintenance of the roads including working with DOT for possibly taking the  roads.    This solution will take several months or more so a short term solution to stabilize the roads and start repair is also required.  For the short term the quickest way to have work started on the roads is to work with Lanier’s & a local contractor to overcome the revenue shortfall resulting from homeowners that did not pay for earlier maintenance work.  Numerous other options were discussed but this was the option that provided the quickest start of road work.  Please keep this in mind when the road maintenance statement from Lanier’s shows up in the mail in the next week or two.

The preferred long term solution is for DOT to take over the roads.  Initial inputs indicate the option of DOT taking over the roads is not a viable option and will require ongoing work over time on the roads and with DOT to try and find a way to accomplish this option; definitely not a short term solution.

A committee of  homeowners has been formed to move forward with each of the owners for establishing an HOA*.  As they organize they will be in contact with each owner.  The HOA*  will utilize the  website (cedarlanding-creekestates.jns2.info) and email as the preferred information dissemination method.  Due to the mailing expense and the delivery/reply time, regular mail will be used as  needed.

NOTE: For all that have email, please reach out to friends and neighbors who do not with copies of the communications so they can stay current with the plans and activities.


HOA* – the term HOA is used for brevity but the end result of the committee work may be a formal HOA, a Private Road Maintenance Agreement, or some variation thereof.