Officers:                            updated from 1/12/2019 RMO meeting

  • President–Steve Hanchey
  • Vice President– Anita Berger
  • Secretary– Cynthia Kunz
  • Treasurer–Ann Donnelly

Road Committee:

The Road Committee continues to grow with folks interested in our community and willing to help keep the roads in good usable condition..  There is no limit to the number of  members, the more the better, and participation is on an “as available” basis.   New members bring access to new ideas, suggestions, skills, and equipment.

    • Allen Padgett
    • Steve Hanchey
    • Floyd West
    • Bobby Phillips
    • Mike Donnelly
    • Donnie Long
    • Allen Faircloth
    • Joe Carden
    • Kirk Binning
    • Roy Ward
    • Greg Fogle


  • Jeff Conerly