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Senator Bill Rabon
N.C. Senate
16 W Jones Street, Room 2010
Raleigh, NC 27601-2808
(919) 733-5963

Dear Senator Rabon,

I am one of the 225+  property owners in the Creek Estates and Cedar Landing II subdivisions located in Pender county near Surf City.  The specific address of my property is shown below.

When developed 30 years ago the developer did not make provisions for an HOA type organization.  The developer or his contractor provided maintenance on the  ~3 miles of roadway until 2015 when all maintenance ceased without advance notice in July 2015.  Two roads in specific join to form a well known and very popular short cut from Hwy 210 to the Swing Bridge at Surf City, bypassing 3 stop lights, 2 miles of traffic, any speed limit enforcement. These roads were never engineered, designed, or constructed for the growing traffic level. With less than 70 full time residents in 2017 there was an average vehicles per week of 2880 with 8229 vehicles between Saturday July 1 and Sunday July 9, far more than the full time residents and vacationing property owners could generate.

I respectfully request your help in obtaining legislative assistance the problem created by these 2 “short-cut” roads.  The Cedar Landing Creek Estates Road Maintenance Organization, Inc. was organized by property owners from the two subdivisions and is recognized by the state of NC and Pender county.  For additional information their website is  They have met with the NC DOT Division Engineer and other  local, county, and state officials in search of a solution and continue working on the problem.  It is the general view of NC DOT and others that a legislative solution is the only option available.   The CL CE RMO looks forward to meeting and working with  you to move the situation forward toward a solution.

My contact information including my Cedar Landing II or Creek Estates  address is noted below

Thank you for your assistance,


My contact information is:






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